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Thinking about expanding your product line and drop shipping with QVC?

Check out these fun facts about QVC and why you should consider growing your QVC business.

  • QVC shipped approximately 183 million units in 2016 across its global markets.
  • QVC has a growing global ecommerce business which accounted for $4B of annual revenue in 2016.
  • QVC’s ecommerce results for the second quarter of 2017 was 55% of US revenues
  • QVC’s mobile results accounted for 62% of US ecommerce orders

“QVC is the #3 ecommerce player in North America, according to Internet Retailer.” – Internet Retailer

QVC has evolved from TV shopping to a multi-platform, multi-network experience. Among mass merchants, the combined QVC Group (including QVC and zulily) is the #3 mobile retailer in the US, the #8 mobile retailer globally, and the #3 ecommerce player in North America, according to Internet Retailer. http://bit.ly/IR_QVC

If you’re looking into expanding your business at QVC and need help with your logistics, fulfillment and drop ship needs, we are here to help. Give us a call today!

Call Us: (610) 644-1542  or  Email Us: info@onairdirect.com

Click this link for more fun facts about QVC: http://bit.ly/funfactsQ2_2017

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