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On Air Direct, Inc. Launches Dashparency

Dashparency (TM) is a

Vendor Dashboard with real-time inventory

and sales data at your fingertips.

(POTTSTOWN, PA) – On Air Direct (OAD) is proud to announce the launch of DashparancyTM, up-to-the-minute, inventory tracking software that will impact the 3PL landscape. This proprietary software is giving vendors, retailers, and sales teams an unprecedented view of real-time inventory. Dashparancy will aid in inventory management, project work flow, shipping, and tracking for brands, retailers, and online merchants. Every Dashparancy dashboard is custom designed for the individual vendor to meet specific data needs.

OAD originally developed this software in 2016, and they’ve been carefully tweaking it ever since. An earlier version known as Vendor Dashboard was designed to give customers full transparency of sales and inventory data. Now Dashparancy takes things several steps further. OAD’s VP of Operations, Frank Amendola believes this keen focus on customer satisfaction is setting OAD apart.

“Every vendor, merchant, and sales team need specific data to help them make business decisions. The prefabbed systems didn’t offer anything that would satisfy all of our customers’ needs. We needed something flexible that could be tailored to each vendors’ specific requirements. So, we created a platform that can be customized for every segment of a retail-product life cycle.”

And the customers agree

“OAD’s real time inventory dashboard has helped Calista know exactly where our inventory stands at all times. Easy to navigate and if needed, help is only a phone call away. The inventory dashboard, helps Calista and OAD work together to seamlessly fulfill all of our purchase orders.”

Mark W. Carello, COO/Partner – Calista Tools, LLC

So what are the advantages of adding Dashparancy to your business?

· Time saved with automated custom reporting

· Savings in fulfillment costs

· Reduced errors and inventory transparency

· Improved customer service

· Customized data spreadsheets based on daily, weekly, or monthly requirements

To learn more about OAD and how it can impact your brand, visit http://www.onairdirect.com

On Air Direct is a warehouse, fulfillment and logistics provider. With combined state-of-the-art software and experienced industry personnel, OAD ensures customers’ brand experience is carried through with flawless execution, from inventory management to customized packing to speedy delivery. Customer service is the hallmark of OAD.

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